Dragons Assault Whiterun

Skyrim – Dragons Attack Whiterun!

I, along with many players of Skyrim, have been frustrated by the difficulty of dragons in the game. Dragons have long been held in myth and story as paragons of majesty, strength, and ferocity. So why are the great drakes in Skyrim such pushovers?

For PC gamers, there is hope to return the essential component of fear back to dragon encounters.  With the right mods, dragons can attack you with more health, more spells, and more moves! They can even ambush you in capital cities, eating citizens and destroying guards by the dozen!  If you’re really unlucky, they’ll bring friends…

Mods used in this screenshot:

  • Deadly Dragons – sliders for dragon health, magic resistance, and other stats. Adds many types of new, lore-friendly, and not-so-lore-friendly types of dragons to the game that scale with level in difficulty. Also, the all-important Dragon Assault option, which allows for random dragon encounters regardless of your location, with 1, 2, or even 3 dragons attacking in unison
  • Ultimate Dragons – dragons use many of the same shouts that the Dragonborn does. Dragons now have location-based damage, and their behavior will be affected by where on their body they’ve taken hits.
  • Skyrim HD – beautiful, high resolution textures for many objects in Skyrim. Whiterun never looked better!
  • Climates of Tamriel – atmospheric and weather effects, indoor and outdoor lighting overhaul
  • Real Clouds – volumetric, animated, 3D cloud covers

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