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Roasted Chile Verde Chili

I’m always making, experimenting with, and devouring new and different kinds of chili. It’s a yummy, satisfying dish that’s easy to make in large quantities, and it’s almost as delicious thawed from months in the freezer as it is after a day in the crockpot.  It’s also a versatile meal, and is great on rice, baked in a pie crust, or eaten “sloppy joe” style between hamburger buns.

I’m eating less beef and bison these days, and I’ve been using various meats and meat substitutes in my cooking in the past year.  I’ve recently put the finishing touches on this chile verde recipe — which, of course, uses pork, tomatillos, and poblano peppers — and I’m happy to share it with you today.  This particular chili has a savory and rich character, and is not fiery or overly spicy.  It’s likely to be a hit even with folks with a delicate palate.

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Chile con queso — cheese’s leap towards immortality.

Apologies to Clifton Fadiman, but I really couldn’t help it.

Though my adoration for cheese has lasted for decades, it was my more specific love for cheese sauce that has persisted since before I could spell “sauce”.  The affair was renewed on a trip with Carmen Barefield to her home city of Austin, Texas, and Queso was the name of my mistress.  I had always been curious about making a genuine Tex-Mex chile con queso for myself and my guests, but I have a fear of possessing Velveeta: often used in real queso for its smooth melting qualities, but not actually being a real cheese itself (in fact, its top four ingredients are milk, water, milkfat, and whey).  If I was ever going to make chili con queso, it was going to be made out of something more satisfying, substantial, and from real cheese!  Sadly, sauce made from cheese tends to be terribly chunky; most definitely not in the spirit of a smooth, delectable queso dip.

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