I relaunched a website!

I relaunched a website!

I’m very pleased to announce the relaunch of the official website of one of the premiere chamber acts in North America: The Living Earth Show.  Travis of TLES offered me the opportunity to redesign their site as part of our continuing collaboration for Fluffmoo Studioo.  I was happy for the chance to refresh the website, as well as provide the site new features and optimizations.

The moment of the relaunch is timely, as their 2019 season begins in a week!  Their upcoming show, American Music, features an ensemble of eleven composers, artists, and musical acts to investigate the role of geography in shaping musical language.  Tickets are now available for their show on November 15th at the ODC Theater in San Francisco.

A final footnote – if any readers know of a nonprofit with a website that could use some love, I might be willing to donate my time.  I’m looking for the following criteria:

  1. First, the organization must be a nonprofit.
  2. Secondly, the nonprofit already has a WordPress site, or is willing to migrate to WordPress.
  3. Last, the organization has a long window for redesign and redevelopment.  They also lack a hard requirement to relaunch their site within the next six months.

If the nonprofit you have in mind fits these requirements and you’d like to work with me, send me a note.

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