Disclaimer for adamedgmond.com

Disclaimer for adamedgmond.com

The disclaimer I provide below is to describe what this site is about, and how its policies are designed to protect both you as the Visitor and I as the Owner.


This site is https://www.adamedgmond.com.  This site provides information on topics with which I have a personal or professional interest.  As with any blog, the information within can change at any time without notice.

Opinionated content

The information on this site only reflects my personal opinions and experience.  It does not reflect those of either Fluffmoo Studioo or any organizations, clients, or peers I work with, unless explicitly stated as such.

Terms of use

As a blogging human, any information I provide on this site is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.  As a pesky human, there may be omissions, errors, or mistakes.  My bad.

Disclaimer on “professional advice”

Though I am a WordPress professional and a webcomics professional, any related site content is purely for informational purposes only.  This information is not professional advice, and should not be seen as such.  With any information you seek for professional endeavors, gather them from a variety of sources before taking action.

Reservation of rights

I reserve the right to change how I manage or run this site.  I reserve the right to change the focus or content of this site at any time.  Moreover, no guarantees will be provided to the regular and continuing availability of the information within this site.


Under the GDPR, you as the Visitor have rights over any and all data you provide to me as a consequence of using this site.  Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.